Essie All Tied Up

Part of this summer's "Bikini so Teeny" collection from Essie, All Tied Up is not your typical summery polish. This color is rather unexpected in a bikini-themed collection, it screams FALL to me amidst all the sky blue, margarita green, punchy orange and neon pink shades everyone is wearing these days. 

Essie describes it as a "rustic bronze with subtle golden shimmer", although I don't see much bronze here, more of a caramel tinted dusty pink. The fine golden shimmer is divine in the bottle, but it faints once applied to the nails, so much that it's only visible in direct sunlight (and with a microscope...). The polish also dries surprisingly darker than you would think, so it's definitely not true to the bottle and I was really disappointed. 

The consistency was a tad too thick for my liking, making application a little tricky. Interesting fact about the brush: when Essie launched on the French market last year, they came out with a new formula and a flat, wide brush (think OPI). However, they're still releasing new collections in the US with their classic, super thin round brush.... why's that exactly??! 

On a brighter side, it stayed on for 3 full days before it started chipping, which is above average for me. 

Overall, I didn't like this polish, I don't think it was worth $8 and I returned it.


  1. Oh, wow that is such a pretty color!! Love the teeny bits of shimmer...looks lovely in the sunlight!

    1. I can see it work for a lot of people, but not for me... Unfortunately the shimmer is barely visible, you really need direct sunlight to see it.


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