A day at the mall - small haul

I don't go to the mall very often, because I know that when I do, I can't come back with empty hands... This time, I was just planning to buy a new shade of Clinique's famous Chubby Stick. Well, I didn't buy it... but got other stuff instead! I guess you can call that unplanned, impulsive purchase. 

First, I decided to take a loot at Victoria's Secret makeup range, since I had never tried it. I was quite impressed, and ended up swatching their beautiful Illuminating Face Powder in Next To Nude and the Nakeds palette. I found the texture of both the powder and most of the eyeshadows soft and pigmented, so I decided to go for it! 

Next to Nude Illuminating Face Powder

The Nakeds palette, top and bottom rows

Next stop, was, of course, at Sephora. At that time, I was, I was still thinking about my Chubby Stick. What happened? 
Well, it's not my fault, I was caught by surprise... by a makeup artist specialized in brows for Anastatsia, coming from their Beverly Hills studio. Somehow, I didn't receive the invite (although I'm a BI and made several purchases at that particular store), and didn't know she was going to be there. Her day was, of course, fully booked, but since I was there right after the store opened, she had an empty slot for me. 
My brows were a mess, because I'm unable to shape them right, and not very good at filling, so I felt like she was sent by the gods to rescue me! She did a very good job, gave me valuable advice (I'll share that in a future post) and I couldn't leave without the kit she used on me, with the appropriate stencil, brush, and powder, and a nude eyeshadow duo, the Beauty Express for Brows and Eyes in Blonde. I also got a little gift, 2 mini-glosses and a mini brow gel. Hopefully, my brows will look better now!


  1. I went to VS with a friend and fell in love with the sparkly face powder. The $18 price tag kept me from buying it. :( I was happy to see that VS seemed to have decent makeup. A lot of clothing stores are lazy when they release makeup. They put the name on a cheap palette and try to sell it as a "store brand". LOL.

    1. I totally agree, $18 is kind of steep for a non-high-end makeup item... The trick is that the price was nowhere to be found, and I had to go to the cashier to ask. And then, I thought "oh well, it's really pretty...". If it had a price tag I would probably not have picked both the palette and the powder. (But I'm already dreaming of getting it in other shades :p )

  2. I have actually been very interested in VS makeup! I have never bought any but I am dying to try some!

    1. It's a first time for me! If you have a store near you, you should go take a look.


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